Skyddsstövel Dunlop Purofort Thermo+ Grønn

Top of the range thermally insulated, hardwearing Dunlop Thermo+ safety boot for cold and wet climates (down to - 50°C) with excellent comfort/fit whether standing still or in motion.Steel toecap and midsole for ultimate protectionExcellent grip with SRC certificationInsulated down to - 50°CThermal insulation, especially through the sole (CI)Premium insoleAnatomically designed insole with plenty of toe spaceAntistaticEnergy absorbent heelChemical resistanceComfortCopes with the coldest temperatures thanks to exceptional thermal insulation.Excellent protection thanks to thick, hardwearing but lightweight polymer material using Purofort technology.Good fit and exceptional shock absorption and walking comfort. This provides excellent properties in snow and slush.The deep outsole provides a certain level of protection against sharp metal, while the metal midsole offers further protection against protruding sharp metal objects.The included premium insoles provide good ventilation inside the boot.A high level of general comfort and good functional fit makes the boot comfortable to wear during long shifts, without tiring your feet.A powerful and robust boot with a long working life, and much more comfortable than it looks.Height 405 mmCompliant with EN ISO 20345:2011 S5 CI SRC
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Produkt-nummer: 1598265
Manufacturer: 8713197038566
Forventet inn 29-06-2024
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EAN/GTIN 8713197038566